Crafting one-of-a-kind,
personalized bridal
experiences for the daring,
the non-traditional, and
the unabashedly in love. 

We’re here to make a milestone that can feel daunting, full of meaning and fun.

  • Make Your Appointment: 
    Kick start your Freedom Bridal experience by booking an appointment through our site. We’ve simplified the process so you can focus on the exciting journey ahead. 

The steps to finding the bridal wear you’ll say “I do” in.

  • Meet Your Gown:
    Once your dress arrives, we’ll meticulousy inspect it to ensure it’s perfection before arranging a special “meet-your-gown” appointment. That means it’s finally time to try on YOUR gown, explore accessories, and take it home.
  • Choose Your Guests:
    Decide on up to three special guests to accompany you during your private appointment. Remember, choose those who support and amplify your vibe. And don’t be afraid to come alone or with your betrothed!
  • Your Consultation:
    The moment you step into our private studio, prepare for a heartfelt welcome and an exciting explorations of gowns (or jumpsuits!). This step is all about capturing your personality and your wedding details in an outfit. 
  • Order Your Gown or Buy Off the Rack:
    Whether you are ordering a custom gown or taking one off the rack, we’ll assist with measurements, purchase terms, and flexible payment options. One step closer to your dream look.

Our commitment to size diversity and unique styles is a central pillar in our mission to create a space that feels like home for every bride-to-be. Understanding that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, Freedom Bridal carries an expansive range of sizes, providing everyone with the joy of trying on beautiful gowns that fit just right. This commitment to inclusivity is especially pertinent for plus-size brides who have long been overlooked in the bridal industry. Recognizing that individuality extends beyond size, we offer a diverse collection of wedding attire that breaks free from the stereotypical mould of bridal wear. Traditional white gowns share the stage with coloured dresses, and elegant jumpsuits for those seeking an alternative expression of bridal fashion. This wide-ranging collection mirrors the diversity of the lovebirds who step into Freedom Bridal, from the contemporary professional craving a sleek jumpsuit to the bohemian bride who dreams of a vibrant dress that is anything but white. 

Dresses & alternative bridal wear for bodies of all sizes, and distinctive style of all kinds.


Book Your Appointment

What to expect during your private appointment with us.

The vibe at Freedom Bridal? It’s cool but never pretentious, filled with laughter, some dancing, and yes, even the occasional shout of joy. It's an intimate haven where you can let your hair down, be unabashedly silly, and feel free to utter the words "oh shit!" when you try on a dress that blows you away. We champion all the cool kids, the wonderfully weird, and those who dare to defy convention. And the best part? Our commitment to inclusivity means we’ve got sizes for all, so no one ever walks through our doors without trying on a gown that makes them feel beautiful.

As the most personable boutique you'll find, we provide you and your outfit-finding-team a safe, judgment-free zone where you can explore your style, play around with customization, and find a dress that's unmistakably you. So come join us, let's have some fun, and together, find the outfit that will make your special day as awesome and unique as you are.

make your appointment

For the engaged lovebirds who just can’t wait, the last-minute brides, or folks who’ve experienced body changes. We’ve got some pretty kick-butt “off the rack” options in our sample gowns.

At Freedom Bridal, panic is replaced with peace even for the most last-minute bride. Lisa's vast off-the-rack selection and intimate knowledge of her inventory assures that no matter the timeline, every bride will find a dress that makes them feel stunning and comfortable, all without a hint of stress or judgment. The shortest timeline in Freedom Bridal’s history was 10 days, and yep we nailed it! 

What happens after you’ve found the outfit you’ll make some of your favourite memories in.

Post-dress bliss

Once you’ve got your dream dress in your hands, it's time to finalize your overall look with the perfect bridal accessories. Whether it's a sparkling hair vine or an incredible veil, these elements will add a personal touch and complete your bridal ensemble. We’ve got a variety of accessories for you to play and experiment with when you have your “meet your gown” appointment.

Not interested in accessories? That’s okay too - your natural beauty is the best accessory a bride could have. 

The quest for the right bridal shoes is crucial, and your wedding venue definitely plays a role.

Consider the terrain—walking on sand or grass may call for comfortable flats or low heels. If your dress is full-length, comfort can be prioritized over appearance. But with a shorter dress, seize the opportunity to make a bold fashion statement if you wish!

Some of our most favourite Freedom Bridal moments have happened when our brides pick up their gowns.

Our "meet-your-gown" pick up appointment could serve as a special moment to include someone who wasn't present when you chose your dress, adding to the collection of precious memories associated with your special day.

To maintain the pristine condition of your dress, keep it in the garment bag and store it in a cool, dry, dark place—away from sunlight, heat or moisture. Make sure your dress stays hung by the hanger ribbons inside, not by the dress straps or shoulders. Try not to take it out of it's bag except for during your alterations.

If your dress happens to be extremely heavy (we love a good beaded moment), it might be best to store the gown flat. It is generally safe to fold it gently in half for storing.

Alterations are a normal part of the bridal process to make sure your dress fits like a glove. We will provide you with a list of skilled local seamstresses who can adjust hem lengths, take in straps, or tailor bust, waist, or hip areas. They work independently, ensuring a personalized touch, and they are experienced in adjusting dresses whether they are big or even too small.