Freedom Bridal is a vibrant celebration of love's diversity, and the way a really good outfit can make a great day even better.

Read how Lisa is turning her story into exceptional bridal experiences.

  • She's a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur. Married in a BC vineyard, she's got a palate for pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, and prosecco. So sorry homemade wine lovers, but she's got to pass!

  • Lisa is a sucker for a good love story – real or televised. From Love Island to The Bachelor, Lisa revels in seeing people connect and fall in love.

  • She had a bit of a goth phase growing up which most people would never expect! Her evolving style moments helped shape Lisa's unwavering commitment to inclusivity and individuality.

  • Her proposal story? Nothing less than magical. Picture this: a behind-the-scenes tour of an animal sanctuary, a gorgeous tiger named Meeka, and a down-on-one-knee moment caught on camera. Yup, Lisa's love story has all the ingredients of a fairytale.

Today, she channels this passion for life and love into every gown that graces her boutique, making every bride-to-be feel seen, celebrated, and, most importantly, themselves.


Meet Lisa.

Combining a decade-long career in the charitable sector with a hidden passion for bridal fashion, Lisa (she/her) harnessed the power of love and inclusivity to create the boutique she always dreamt of – a safe haven that celebrates all bodies and all kinds of love. Witnessing the sheer joy that a magical piece of clothing can bring, Lisa knew she had to share this feeling with every love-drenched soul out there. So, she took the plunge during a global pandemic, swapping her stable career to bravely venture into the exciting world of bridal wear.

Freedom Bridal burst onto the scene on January 16, 2021, a day forever engraved in Lisa's heart as one of the most exhilarating (and nerve-wracking) milestones in her life. She’s been shaking up what wedding dress shopping can mean for engaged humans ever since. 

The heart, hustle, and happy tears behind our bridal shop on the east coast of Canada.

The seed for Freedom Bridal was sown in the gasoline-scented air of a motorcycle shop in Summerside, PEI - Freedom Cycle, a haven for two-wheel enthusiasts and the life's passion of Lisa's father, Frank.

Echoing the spirit of a wild teenage motorcycle trip from Calgary to California with her dad, Lisa channeled her longing for adventure and individuality into creating a bridal boutique that celebrated the freedom to be authentically you. When the name "Freedom Bridal" popped out during a heart-to-heart with her dad, she knew she had struck gold. Despite her dad's initial dubiousness (a reaction that only made Lisa love the name more!), Freedom Bridal emerged, honoring both her father's entrepreneurial legacy and her vision for a bridal experience unbound by convention.

Our story begins with a little girl and her dad’s
 motorcycle shop.

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We believe (and live) in


the values that make us who we are

In the heart of Freedom Bridal, the seed of inclusivity grows wild and free. Our boutique isn't just a place for shopping—it's a haven where we aim to help everyone feel celebrated and welcomed. We champion all bodies, all forms of love, and all expressions of individuality, taking pride in creating an inclusive space that feels like home to every person who walks through our doors. This commitment to inclusivity is deeply personal and rooted in our founder's life experiences.

When Lisa - the founder of Freedom Bridal - was 17, her mother came out as gay, and then later at 34, as transgender, to become forever known as Lisa's "Pop". Lisa knew she would always aim to live her life in a way that protects Pop’s rights and identity. This connection sparked an enduring commitment to allyship towards the LGBTQIA+ community.

At Freedom Bridal, you're not just a bride—you're a unique individual with dreams, stories, and styles that are worth celebrating. As we plan each appointment, we do so with the hope of contributing to a better, more accepting world. We want everyone who visits Freedom Bridal to feel seen, valid, beautiful, and above all, free to be themselves.

Radical Inclusivity


Guiding Your Journey with Kindness and Confidence:

At Freedom Bridal, we don't just stand by you—we walk with you. We recognize that the quest for the perfect wedding attire can feel like a monumental task, one that brings both excitement and overwhelm. That's why our team is dedicated to being more than just your guides—we aim to be your confidantes, your cheerleaders, your pillars of support. Our mission is to empower you to make choices that reflect your individuality, to help you see the beauty that we already see in you.

We want you to walk down the aisle feeling more beautiful and powerful than ever before, radiating confidence that outshines even the brightest wedding lights.

Empathetic Empowerment:


Championing the Unapologetic Expression of You:

We believe that authenticity is more than a value—it's a passion that fuels every interaction, every decision, and every dress selection. Our mission is to create a space that celebrates the real you and encourages you to embrace your most genuine self. Be it a traditional gown, a funky jumpsuit, or a dramatic black dress—whatever sparks joy in your heart, we're here to help you find it. Our diverse and vibrant collection is a testament to our belief in the beauty of individuality, carefully curated to inspire and embody the unique dreams of each bride who walks through our doors.

Through every stitch and seam, we want to help bring your vision to life, showcasing your distinctive personality in the most stunning way possible.

Passionate Authenticity:


Building Bonds, One Dress at a Time:

At Freedom Bridal, every relationship is cherished and cultivated with utmost respect. From our indie designers to our clients, each connection is a precious thread in the fabric of our community. We invest time in understanding the journey each gown takes to reach our shop, ensuring everyone involved in the process is treated with respect and dignity. We take pride in our client-focused approach and our commitment to creating an environment of support and positivity.

This experience is not started or completed by finding the dress you’ve been searching for — it is a catalyst to becoming part of a community that values and celebrates your unique journey.

Respectful Relationships:


Crafting a Sustainable Future, One Gown at a Time:

We believe that beauty and sustainability can, and should, coexist. As such, we are deeply committed to promoting a sustainable bridal industry that respects our planet and its people. We pride ourselves on our carefully curated selection of Canadian-made gowns and our support of independent designers world-wide who share our commitment to ethical practices. Each dress in our collection tells a story—of craftsmanship, of passion, of dedication to creating a more sustainable and beautiful world.

When you find your dream dress at Freedom Bridal, you're not just making a style statement—you're making a statement for a better future for others through the celebration of yours.

Responsible Reverence:


At Freedom Bridal, we've created a comforting, airy space that gives you the freedom to explore, to try on, to twirl and swirl without a hint of claustrophobia. Your change room? It’s also a dancefloor, a catwalk, a safe space to truly feel all the feels. Our shop is a place where you can unabashedly revel in every shimmering, curve-loving stitch of our vast dress collection.

Enormous mirrors reflect your radiant self back to you, while plush seating welcomes your guests to relax and enjoy the milestone. And the best part? It's all just for you. When your appointment time rolls around, we lock the doors to the world outside. It's just you, your loved ones, and Lisa, your devoted dress-whisperer, creating magic together.

 Once you've found 'The One' (or 'The Ones', we don't judge), celebrate your victorious hunt in the bustling heart of uptown Saint John. Freedom Bridal is your historic haven for contemporary shopping, nestled within New Brunswick’s architectural beauty of a port city that knows how to celebrate individuality and style. 


A wedding outfit haven that is equal parts NYC urban-chic vibes and cozy living room.


(cool cats who are getting ready to tie the knot with the love of their life)

When ordering a wedding gown, saying yes around 12 -14 months before your wedding date is an excellent time frame. This will allow you to choose from every option in store when you shop. A designer gown made-to-order in your size can take up to 6 months on average to arrive. Almost every person then needs alterations on their wedding gown to ensure it is really tailored to your body. A seamstress ideally likes to see you with your gown 3 months before your wedding day. It’s always nice to have some built in wiggle room time, in case of any rare delays taking place.

Rest assured no matter when you are shopping we always have beautiful options we can sell off-the-rack. We are so happy to support you in finding your beautiful look if you are shopping one year or one week before your wedding. Do not worry!

The only item you absolutely need to bring, or wear rather, is underwear! That is a must. We recommend wearing seamless, high waisted underwear that match your skin tone as well as possible. If you see yourself wearing spanx or shapewear of that nature on your wedding day, then bring it along to try on with gowns. It is 100% not necessary though, whatever you'd prefer. Most gowns have built in support so bras are rarely necessary aside from a few. If you feel better bringing a bra, try to make it strapless and seamless again in a neutral color. 

Plan to arrive exactly at your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive early we may still be preparing for your arrival, if you arrive late then we have to rush you through a tad faster than usual. On time is the best time!

Our sweet studio is built for the bride plus 4 special guests. We love love love small groups where we can really hear the brides thoughts and feelings and have enough space to effectively move around the studio to support the bride to our fullest. We also love working with brides who come alone. If you feel your best bridal shopping experience would come from searching alone then we completely support that. We are always happy when future spouses join in too. It makes for a very special appointment!

Note with love: We adore kids however through recent experience have learned that certain items in our studio (leaning mirrors, floor lamps, air conditioners, tall mannequins etc) are nearly irresistible for small children. For safety reasons we kindly ask you to bring adult guests only (aside from babes in arms.)

Please reach out! Text me at 506-285-7735 I would be so happy to help put your mind at ease. You are not alone in feeling that way. Also have a read of our lovely reviews where you can see real bride experiences. You don’t ever have to worry when you’re with me. My super power is helping every bride feel really comfortable and at ease. I’ve got your back every step of the way. I will have sizes to fit you and styles that make you feel beautiful, I promise.

The short answer is, while your wedding is only one day, your photos will last a lifetime!

Wearing a wedding gown truly is wearing a piece of art. A wearable piece of art that was thoughtfully dreamed up, designed, trialed and tested, hand sewn, critiqued and improved upon before even being presented to the world. When that design makes it to a boutique, you get to try it on and feel all of the efforts that went into building that individual garment with the goal of making you feel so beautiful, special and comfortable. Wedding gowns of quality require significant amounts of fabrics that were chosen and sourced. Pattern makers, cutters and sewers all have a role in bringing your gown to life. It’s a beautiful endeavor requiring many people. If a wedding dress is being advertised at a significantly low price, it often means someone in the critical process was not paid or was extremely undercompensated for their work. With that said, I will never try to convince anyone to purchase a gown that is over a budget they are comfortable with. I am equally happy for brides who finds their dream look with me or finds a preloved dress on facebook marketplace if that’s what feels better for them.

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