A bridal wear collection meticulously selected for those who dare to defy the ordinary.

Our eclectic range of bridal wear respects the diversity of each bride's personal style, while wholeheartedly honoring body inclusivity. From sultry, curve-hugging gowns to flowing A-lines and grand ballgowns, our collection serves petite to plus sizes with equal flair and charm. Subtle and elegant designs are available for brides who favor a minimalistic approach, while boho dresses with embroidery, lace, and whimsical silhouettes serve the free-spirited bride. And, we haven't forgotten the statement-makers who don’t want to get hitched in white, or those in search of alternatives like a bridal jumpsuit.

Our style is exclusive but our vibe is for everyone. Freedom Bridal is the place where you can freely explore what you never considered as an option, or simply didn’t know existed. Most of our pieces can’t be found anywhere else on the East Coast!

Bringing “cool bride energy” and “romantic elegance” together in one sweet collection.

Amidst the vast landscape of designers and bridal styles, our aim is to find those exclusive gems that aren't found anywhere else in New Brunswick, and often the Maritimes in general. We prioritize diverse style options to suit all brides—from those seeking classic elegance to our bohemian 'wildflower' brides, to those who want to break away from conventional bridal aesthetics.

Affordability is central to our sourcing strategy, ensuring our brides have access to an array of stunning gowns within their budget. But our scrutiny doesn't stop at aesthetics and price—we probe into the ethics and values of each designer we partner with, collaborating with those whose principles align with ours. And, crucially, we prioritize size inclusivity, ensuring that every bride, irrespective of size, has a wealth of gorgeous options to choose from.

Our special order gowns range between $1200 to $3500, with the majority falling within the $2000 to $2500 bracket, thus offering flexibility and access to premium designs for a diverse range of budgets.

Conscious curation is at the heart of everything we do. 

Designed in Calgary. Orderable in all sizes

Lis simon

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Designed & made in Vancouver. Orderable in all sizes.

Designed in Spain
Orderable in up to size 28.

Kathryn Bass Bridal

Alma Novia Bridal

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Sample sizes: 12 - 30 Investment: $1900 - $3500

A woman-owned business, Kathryn Bass takes pride in creating gowns in their Canadian studio, where they can ensure fair labor practices and exceptional craftsmanship. From intricate lacework to unexpected fabric combinations, one of the hallmarks of Kathryn Bass Bridal is the ability to offer customized gowns.

Kathryn Bass Bridal offers a fresh perspective in the world of bridal fashion, with an emphasis on personalization, quality, and ethical production.

Sample sizes: 6 - 14
Investment: $1800-$2100

This designer tends to be characterized by elegant and refined designs that are both modern and timeless. The brand offers a variety of silhouettes and styles to suit different body types and individual tastes. 

Attention to detail with a bohemian flare is Alma Novia's thing. From delicate lace to intricate beading and quality fabrics, each dress is crafted with care and expertise.

Sample sizes: 20-24
Investment: $2000-$2500

Today, Lis Simon has grown to be a company that is sold throughout North America. We’ve been known to create a collection that is geared towards the stylish, sophisticated, independent bride. We believe in keeping some things with tradition, but with current and trending features. 

Lis Simon was founded in 2009 by a husband and wife team in Calgary, AB.


Designed & made in Connecticut. Orderable in up to size 24.


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A plus-size only designer. Orderable in sizes 14 to 40.

Designed & made in NYC. Orderable in up to size 20.



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Sample sizes: 14 - 32
Investment: $999 - $1300

This collection is marked by elegance, sophistication, and a clear understanding of how to enhance the natural beauty of curvy women. While never compromising on quality, Sydney's Closet also strives to offer options at various price points, making stylish plus-size fashion accessible to a broader audience.

Sydney's Closet focuses exclusively on plus-size bridal, and is designed with the unique needs and preferences of plus-size women in mind.

Sample sizes: 6 - 18 Investment: $2300 - $2600

Sustainability is prioritized at every stage of each Scout gown’s creation - from planting a tree with every purchase, to seed tags, and sustainable packaging to get your gown safely in your hands. Each gown is made to order, with love in NYC.

Scout Bridal is a statement of simplicity for the no fuss bride who desires clean lines and classic silhouettes. 

Sample sizes: 2 - 18
Investment: $2500 - $3000

This designer is all about clean lines, figure-flattering silhouettes, and unexpected details. Each gown is handmade of high quality fabrics & lined in silk. Perfect for the beach bride or nuptials at a country club - this sustainable collection goes where your love does. 

Andria Bird is where modern, meets luxury, meets bohemian, meets ethical and thoughtful gown creation.

Designed & made in Vancouver. Orderable in up to size 26.

Charm gowns

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Designed in the UK.
 Orderable in plus size only.

island bridal

Sample sizes: 20-28
Investment: $1600-$2000

Based in the UK our reputation precedes us as a company that truly put their heart into the very core of all that we do. Island Bridal wants brides of all shapes and sizes to feel incredible on their wedding day so our gowns are designed and created with a diverse range of cuts, fabrics and finishes to suit all tastes.

Island bridal has been established within the wedding industry for over 15 years.

Sample sizes: 10 - 22 Investment: $2000 - $2500

Every Charm gown is handmade from scratch from the design sketch all the way to the cutting of fabric, and final hand-stitched touches.

A mother daughter duo run this sweet and unique brand featuring uniquely minimalist gowns to glam styles.

Charm Wedding Design is a bridal brand that has an adoration for designing the perfect wedding dress for our brides.

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We also source unique gowns and designer’s specifically for our brides, that become part of our private collection. This collection is constantly evolving, just like us!

 These dresses and jumpsuits are available in all sizes, with sample sizes ranging from a size 6 - 32. This collection has a diverse price range, with options from $1200 - $2400. 






We love the work we do so much, that we specialize in it. For this reason, we don’t sell prom dresses, bridesmaid options, or mother-of gowns. We also don’t sell shoes (although if you already have your bridal shoes - bring those cuties to your appointments with us!!). And as much as we love the idea of repurposing and allowing a wedding dress to have a second (and third) chance at giving joy to it’s owner, we do not buy dresses from non-designers. 

The stuff we don’t offer at Freedom Bridal. 

I found the perfect dress at the Freedom Bridal! Upon arriving at the boutique, Lisa welcomed me and my two guests and made us feel so comfortable. She made me as the bride-to-be feel so beautiful and special.

Lisa pulled the most beautiful dress that met my vintage style. She also found me the perfect veil. She made sure my purchases were within budget and that I had a seamstress to go to for altercations. Thank you Lisa so much. I strongly recommend Freedom Bridal!!

- Vicky O.

I was lucky to visit Lisa at Freedom Bridal at her new 4th floor location on Canterbury - and was so grateful for the calm, kind, and loving experience she crafted for me and my fiancé! The space was bright and welcoming (holy those big mirrors are beautiful!!), the change room was spacious, and the experience itself was awesome - it felt like a cute lil date (who says you can’t bring your future husband to help pick out your wedding dress)!!

Freedom Bridal carries a wide variety of colours, styles, and price points - and Lisa obviously cares about ensuring her boutique is size inclusive. AND all her gowns are sustainably made in North America. Saint John is lucky to have a bridal shop like Freedom.. thanks for helping me find my dream dress!!

- Madeline T.

My daughter had an absolutely amazing experience at Freedom Bridal. She has had some serious health issues over the last few years which has really affected her body image. Lisa was so kind, patient, and supportive. She gave my daughter the self confidence to step outside the box and choose a really unique and special dress.

We drove up from NS and it was so worth it! She could not have received the same kind of one on one focus in any other shop or found so many unique and beautiful dresses to try. Lisa is just tremendous and I just can't say enough good things about the entire wonderful experience. We love you Lisa!

- Joan R.

I cannot recommend Freedom Bridal enough — between the absolutely stellar owner, Lisa, the atmosphere and the overall experience — it was an experience that I will never forget. As a bride, whose worn a dress about as many times as she has fingers on one hand (and hated every single experience) prior to FB, I was almost in tears with the absolute love and kindness. Lisa guided the dress session making sure that I was in comfort and making sure that I was aware of every little step and process. Although I didn’t find a dress, at this time (as I have plans on coming back), Lisa mentioned that she was more than willing to grab ideas from me and alert me when a dress that fit my checklist would be in store. TL;DR: Freedom Bridal is a must stop in Saint John, NB. Phenomenal service, environment! If I could give it a rating of more than five stars I would!

-Marla-Ann R.